Cxemcast 041 – Low808

How are things going with Gost Zvuk (Rus. – Gost Sound) label?

Everything is going fine; we are slowly doing our work. I think we’ll have enough time to release two more double albums and a double release called Instrument by the end of the year.

Do you find it easier to release music already having several releases in your arsenal?

Each release is a separate piece of work, an individual experience. There is an understanding of the whole structure, but you always have to create a separate world, so there is no single recipe.

Is there any possibility of press printing in Russia, but not abroad?

We can state that there is none because even the cost of printing can’t be recovered with our volumes. Moreover, transportation from Russia is costly, while the main market is Europe. I dream of times when this becomes possible – it will be the new step for our scene’s development.

How did the cancellation of Outline festival affect the Russian scene? What are the long-term effects?

I wish such moments were helpful for the representatives of our music scene to unite and make an even greater impact on the situation. Bans and difficulties give rise to brand new forms of freedom. NII (Rus. - НИИ – abbr. Science and Arts, a popular club and multifunctional space in Moscow) has recently been on the edge of closing, but now it is expanding, on the contrary.

How do you manage to find common ground with the government?

NII works in mysterious ways, but nobody knows what can happen tomorrow.

You're hosting a radio show, where you present local producers exceptionally. Do you receive a lot of good music?

I have enough material to be played one hour per month, but it includes not only new tracks. I just can’t go on air more often; moreover, I don’t even have enough time to listen to everything for now. I hope that I will manage to pay more attention to it over time.

A range of labels, inspired by your enthusiasm, emerged in Russia after the appearance of Gost Zvuk and picked up the wave. Can we consider this to be the development of scene or rather failed cloning?

People copy first and then create something original out of it often, so I am glad that Gost Zvuk inspires new beginnings.

Any plans to release your own music?

My project called 8ousyboy will be the eighth release of Instrument. In addition, Flaty, local producer is releasing NII001 in September with a couple of my tracks.

Many people in Russia are waiting for 2018. What are you waiting for?


Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.