Cxemcast 031 – Skan

01. Supply
02. Zero-X
03. Modern World
04. Illumination
05. Inner Space
06. Theoreme
07. Dark and Dump
08. Phobos


How long have you been making music?

I find it difficult to calculate, as I've been starting and quitting then lots of times. I used to have many projects in different areas.

Why have you been quitting?

As soon as something was starting out, I found more important things to do than to make music; probably, I just didn't know what should I do next.

What has changed for now?

I feel calm; I've put my life in order.

What influences and inspires you?

Science and contemporary art influences me. As for science, it is more about technological progress. My wife always says that I love my instruments more than her. Since the very childhood, I used to have more fun spending time with tech equipment than with friends. However, I fancy the opportunities provided by technology, not the hardware itslef. Music as an art form inspires me, of course; I wonder how it affects people in general.

What instruments do you use?

I will never enumerate. I can only say that I am more comfortable working with software than with an axe. However, in order to really understand software, I had to spend a fortune on hardware.

Do you consider yourself a beginner producer? Is it difficult to identify yourself correctly?

I will keep on thinking of myself as a beginner until some major label releases my records; yes, there is such kind of a stereotype. According to this, it does not seem to be really difficult to position myself.

Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.