Cxemcast 017 – Lawrin

01. Ben Klock - Grip [Ostgut ton]
02. Trus'me - Somebody [Prime Numbers]
03. Marco Bernardi - Broken Silences [Clone Royal Oak]
04. Josh Wink - Acid Tonick [Poker Flat Recordings]
05. Skudge - Melodrama [Skudge Records]
06. Mood 2 Swing - Move Me [Music For Your Ears]
07. Jeroen Search - Jsms 2.0 [Figure SPC]
08. Mike Dehnert - Nano [Clone Basement Series]
09. Dario Zenker - 27 Northwest [Ilian Tape]
10. Deflecting - Treatment [Techno Gipsy]
11. Adam Beyer - Simple Maze (Skudge RMX) [Drumcode]
12. Marcel Fengler - Rapture [Ostgut Ton]
13. Roman Lindau - Under Pressure [Fachwerk]
14. Tripeo - Untitled #2 (First Trip) [Tripeo – TRIP1]
15. Bleak - Fun [Deeply Rooted House Records]
16. Frozen Border 01 - Untitled 01 [FB 01]
17. Terrence Dixon - Return Of The Speaker People (Kausto's Sudden Aphasia Mix) [Shanti Records]

There is such an axiom that Lviv is a cultural capital. What do you think about it?

I think that people are getting what they deserve.

Many say that Lviv is developing now. Has much changed, did parties become better and, perhaps, not so peripheral?

Parties? Hmm... They sometimes get so boring that I don’t even know what to say. Overall, it might be so, but to be honest, I rarely take interest – have become old already.

Do you only play or organize parties as well?

I was the ideologist and co-organizer of a series of parties called ‘Алґоритм’ (ukr – algorithm). Although my part was the creation of design. We threw 3 or 4 events. It is difficult to also play at the event that you’re organizing. Sometimes the parties were more successful, sometimes less.

I also heard of Lviv club called "Underground". Why was it closed?

Apparently, it was too underground for the city.

So what, is anything happening at the moment?

There are parties at ‘Arsenal’, but can’t say that I felt some special concept there. Perhaps, I merely follow up. Or maybe I’m just a Galician techno snob.

And what kind of techno do Galician techno snobs listen to?

Currently, I find the noisy sound of the gas meter attractive... In fact, this is not a joke: more and more I like listening to surrounding sounds, their combinations. Well, to be more precise, not like them, but rather pay attention to them and their ‘texture’.

I would say that this ‘music’ is more for producers.

Sorry, didn’t get that.

Speaking about sounds and noises of the environment... DJ is not likely to put those on.

Yes, they are beautiful. Well, if looking from a broader perspective, outside common frames of techno-disco (in the best sense), why not - it all depends on how, when and for what. On the other hand, spontaneity is important too.

Tell us about Lviv musicians. Are there any interesting names?

Everyone is cool. The "Hatniehrannya’ (Ukr – houseplaying) project, Svarog - techno producer and DJ, Derrick & Tonica - drum and bass duo. There are guys G.F.N (Galician Funky Noise), who are incredibly underground and don’t want to get out of there. I’m not even sure if they don’t get offended with my mentioning them – so much underground they are. There are also nice guys from Zavtra.Fm, who mostly do house music.

Are these formations new? Are the musicians young?

They’ve got young souls.

Let’s talk a bit about history. Galicia gave us many good rock musicians, and what about electronic music?

Surely, everything has been shining and burning inspired by new developments and trends in the 90’s. There were DJs who played many genres. I remember such radio programs as ‘Xtreem Chart’ and ‘Neopost’ with DJ Bobrovski - I grew up on them. Later there was a program called ‘Liver Efir’ (Ukr – liver air) on ‘Initiative’ radio station, where there always been complete mess of styles, themes and programs - it was fascinating and sometimes confusing, but it was the most honest and real radio show. Thanks for the restored memories, it feels like I’ve forgotten everything.

Why did all this actually die out?

I have no idea. Maybe some spark disappeared and, perhaps, people changed interests. No luck.

Tell us about your mix. I think that is balances on the verge of house and techno, as if restoring an argument between them?

Well, let’s start with the fact that I’m not a techno DJ - I have not a single record from Tresor.

Then what is your music?

I like different music. The one that conjures and, as you’ve noted correctly, has a certain inconsistency. However, not always in terms of style, but rather in terms of mood complexity of the track - the mood may be controversial and not specific. It’s cool when a simple track with no words can raise many questions, even though my mix is more funky than what I’m speaking about. I love when there is a subtext, barely perceptible irony or self-irony. The ability to become an observer through music is priceless.

A sort of postmodernism?

In a way, but I’m afraid of this word.

Why Lawrin? Is it your surname?

Lavrin is my name.

Nice one. And what are you thinking about while playing?

Depending on what I’m playing...

What if it’s techno?

Well, techno varies. It even may become a bit suffocating if I go down towards paranoia. Though it happens not only when I play - if I hear a worthy mix of such plan, it may have the same effect.

As if in a ritual of self-destruction?

Wow, why being so harsh?! (Laughing) Different existential s*** happens.

How do you feel about the fact that most of the audience don’t go to parties for music?

I don’t understand why rob oneself...

Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.