Cxemcast 010 – Fix

01. Elecktroids - Future Tone 
02. I-f - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less 
03. Randomer - Ruffa 
04. Neil Landstrumm - Night Train 
05. Anthony Rother - Invader 
06. Gingy & Bordello - All Day 
07. Jerome Hill - Paper Bag Acid 
08. Clouds - Shared Heritage 
09. Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut - Intuition 
10. DJ Bone - Cultural Variance 
11. Acronym - Mimers Brunn 
12. The Exaltics - The New Beginning 
13. Radioactive Man - Uranium

We are here complaining about the state of music scene and parties in the capital... How is it going in Kirovohrad?

There is techno in Kirovohrad. We take care of it and protect it. We do parties rarely but for next year we have big plans. There is also techno in Dnipropetrovsk! Dnepr (commonly used in oral speech short version of ‘Dnopropetrovsk’) is my favorite city, where I always want to return to. Even when I lived in Kyiv and had an opportunity to visit sessions featuring world "techno-stars", Dnepr still remained favorite place for me. There is a crowd, friends; there is the atmosphere and there is techno.

How hard is it do something on the periphery? Is it possible to popularize music that stands out from usual mainstream, thus, to repeat kind of "Manchester scenario"?

If there is audience, you can organize parties in Africa. The difference only lays in the purchasing power of customers. Techno, or more specifically house, clime to the world level long time ago. The results - we all can see them. Recently, the world witnessed Surgeon playing with Lady Gaga’s friend, opening the concert of the last. It is a pleasure to see pop stars with such a good taste. However, I wish techno doesn’t follow the way of house, trance and dubstep, completely destroying its authenticity.

You’re saying that it is better for techno to stay real even in the underground?

Techno is hardly underground. Berghain gathers kilometer-long queues of techno fans from around the world and not everyone can pass strict face control. The number of subscribers to good producers goes above hundreds of thousands. Is it still underground? I guess it’s not. The thing is that techno still holds the balance and is always developing.

Tell us a bit about Techno.UA public, when did it appear and what is its main goal?

It appeared in 2009. While social networks were a sort of Wild West not yet mastered by the majority. Yes, you could freely talk to Luke Slater or DJ Bone via Facebook, while even Anton Zap was not registered on ВКонтакте (VKontakte is the biggest Russian social network, the most popular on in CIS countries). At the same time, the start of public could be called a coincidence, because SMM has just begun to emerge in Ukraine and Kolia Sviaznoy, one of the founders of Techno.UA, worked as SMM-manager in Ukrainian digital agency. The tools were familiar, the objectives were clear, however the way to attract audience was not. Thus, the public has become not only an organic continuation of Techno.UA’s message to the masses, but also an experimental field, where we learned to communicate with the audience, analyze its needs and inform the subscribers about our activity.

Apparently, you're a fan of classical sound... Anyway, this conclusion can be drawn from your mix. So, classic techno will always dominate modern trends?

There is very little techno in my mix. Basically, it consists mostly of electro and acid. Classic techno will live forever! Technologies are constantly developing and techno goes along with time, sounding as fashionable as when it appeared. Mills, Surgeon and many others are the living proof of it.

Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.