Cxemcast 009 – Youkovskiy

The popularity peak of acid was in the early 90s, roughly speaking. Isn’t it a step back to do the same thing many years later?

I don’t think so, acid is multifaceted. Not so much, of course, as other styles of electronic music, but surely it hasn’t exhausted itself yet. Its simple rhythmic sound is catchy, that is its exclusivity. Everyone likes acid, not like Chicago or garage.

It turns out that there is a certain hype happening around acid? Roma Litvinov’s release, street fashion trends etc. confirm this statement, aren’t they?

Now everybody are keen on techno - this is normal. Although acid is not currently on the first positions among the clubbing crowd, but it doesn’t jar on the ear and fits quite well into current musical tastes. Now, by the way, acid is often released and not by the worst labels.

There is much said about s a special concept of St. Petersburg’s melancholy. How is it expressed in music and club scene of the city?

This notion is irrelevant to the nightlife. Perhaps, this can be said about the city in general. Nevertheless, I think it is a kind of cliché, which I don’t quite agree with. The fact that everything is different is true, however not melancholic.

If it’s not a secret, where this special feature is expressed the most?

For example, we have a lot of bars, not a single city in CIS has that much. However, it is slowly eroding. Clubs are currently opening and it is cool, just because there was not a single one before.

Not even one?

In fact, this is the case. With underground partying there are some problems too. The maximum of what can be attributed to this category is "Superslet", a rave held in fall in the building of former factory.

It turns out that the bars still can’t cover this shortage?

Regarding the prevalence of bars... It brings the predominance of commercial music. Visitors are attracted not with music, but with a wide range of drinks and other stuff. However, we are on a transition stage right now.

Where is it all moving? What forecasts can you give?

Everyone is aware of the problem. New clubs are opened, where they play techno and invite artists - this is great! It has started this month more or less. Hopefully, this trend is developing and situation is getting stabilized. As an example, Mosaique club is worth mentioning.

What was the catalyst?

Hungry audience and DJs, who did not agree with this course of affairs - all together. Everyone was tired of such situation.

Interviewed by Bohdan Konakov.