Cxemcast 051 – Olivia

Tell us about the selection process and the general idea behind your mix. Where was it recorded?

The podcast was recorded at one take at my home studio. This is pure vinyl mix consisting of sounds that I’m into at the moment. There is some raw, industrial stuff in it, mixed with electro and acid.

Your sets and mixes are famous for being raw, uncompromising and on point. When did you start this techno path and what inspired you from the very beginning?

I first started DJing around 2003 with my brother Kinzo Chrome. I think my sets show my personality. Personally, I always try to be honest and tell people what I really think, I don’t like compromising just to satisfy someone at any price. My friends know that I never hold back my opinion. So yeah, music that I play is raw but, at the same time, I consider it authentic. What is more, the grounds of my music are often based on what is happening in the world right now, globally and locally. I try to stay aware of politics and up to date with news. I often feel disappointed and angry about current situation, which reflects in my music too.

As far as I know, Polish scene is blooming right now. When did it start and what is going on in the field of electronic music?

Yes, it’s true. Polish scene has been developing quite fast for the last few years. We have tons of amazing DJs and producers now. So many young people start to play! But what makes me feel even more happy is that we have a lot of awesome female artists. I can see that young artists are not afraid to share their music, express themselves through it and stand out with their ideas by organizing parties or raves. I can’t say for sure when it started, but I’ve seen that it has been changing drastically during the last 5 years. More good clubs and parties are emerging and, what is the most important, music awareness has risen as a result.

Can you name any promising Polish producers and DJs to look out for in 2017?

Yes, there are plenty of them. I would totally recommend Chino, an amazing and talented producer whose live sets are unique. He is going to release a new EP soon, so stay tuned. VTSS, great female DJ and producer from Warsaw, will be well-known worldwide in the future. In addition, keep your ears open for Jacek Sienkiewicz, Lutto Lento, RRRKRTA, Kinzo Chrome, Charlie Souvenir De Tanger, Ola Teks, Piotr Kurek, Kosel, Eltron John. They are incredibly talented artists.

Does the club scene in Kraków differ from the rest of the country?

It does, of course. Kraków has the best party vibe in Poland. The city is not so big and everyone - DJs and ravers - know each other. That’s why it’s easier to party hard - and this is what Kraków is famous for. As for the club scene partakers - we all play techno music in our way, raw and crazy. Moreover, a lot of DJs love acid music.

How would you describe Kraków? Has it changed in the recent years?

Krakow is a strange city. On one hand, it is deeply catholic and conservative, on the other - quite loose, as far as it’s filled with students. Krakow is also pretty small, everyone knows each other. You can spot the same faces in every party, which is great, by the way. You can go alone to the party, but still meet someone you know. The community of underground music fans is not big, but growing every year. We always have many great artists in Krakow, more DJs have started to make their own parties in recent years and new bars and clubs are constantly opening. 

How can you explain the ongoing obsession with vinyl?

I think it stems from pure love to vinyl: you try it once and can’t stop after. I’m really happy that records have come back with such strength recently - the sound of vinyl can’t be compared to anything else. Vinyl is great on so many levels. It’s touchable medium: you can collect records, dig through tons of them in a shop and, when you find a pearl - your pearl - it’s an indescribable feeling. Moreover, many releases are vinyl only with limited edition, so they make your collection even more special.

Which Radar event is the most memorable for you? Why?

We, meaning Radar Crew, had organized lots of parties and all of them are close to our hearts. Nevertheless, the most memorable for me is the one with Ron Morelli - he played the most uncompromising set I’ve ever heard. We also made our dreams come true with inviting DJ Stingray, Ceephax Acid Crew - they made the crowd crazy. However, my favorite one was the party with my good friend Jacek Sienkiewicz on my birthday. Radar will turn 5 years in March with celebratory party, where Lee Gamble is playing b2b with Ron Morelli, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be ace.

How does Szpitalna 1 differ from Radar?

Radar was more of a gallery, it wasn’t a proper club. We hosted our WeAreRadar parties there from time to time to have fun and listen to some artists. At that time, our main goal was to present art of young, new artists. We also sold books and retro robots there.
Szpitalna 1 is a proper club with the amazing sound system, great events with acclaimed underground artists every week. It’s just a good club with underground music, where all clubbers can feel comfortable and can party safe in good atmosphere. Szpitalna’s goal is not to focus on ‘big names’ - we believe that each artist, who plays there, is a great person in love with music, willing to play for other people and doing it in a good way.

What is so great about Unsound festival? 

What I love the most about this festival is that one can listen to a lot of amazing artists in one week. Some of them are not well-known, which is beautiful. You can go to the concert without knowing the artist and discover something new. It’s your own moment when you stand, listen and think: “how could it happen that I hear her/him for the first time?!”. What is more, every year many people from all over the world arrive to Kraków, creating an incredible cultural atmosphere.

Do you work there or are you just a resident?

I’m a resident, but I also work for Unsound - mostly doing administrative and logistic work.

What will be this year’s topic?

Unfortunately, the topic is still a secret, but it will be announced soon. For sure this edition will be special since it’s the 15th edition of Unsound!

How has Unsound influenced Polish electronic scene?

Unsound festival makes great work in developing and promoting electronic music in Poland. Many artists play in Kraków for the first time because of Unsound. I think that festival gives a lot of musical inspiration, especially since Kraków audience is becoming more open towards different music.

Out of the music territory, where else do you find inspiration?

Nature, especially mountains. I would like to spend all my free time in mountains if only I could. I’m also fascinated with unexplained mysteries of paranormal phenomena. Science fiction and technological progress throughout the 70’s and 80’s also inspires me, as well as the infinity of space.

What are your plans for 2017?

I have a lot on my plate, but I like it. For sure I will be playing a lot - my calendar is already filling up and I’m very excited about it. Aside from being a DJ, I am the booking manager of Szpitalna 1 club, which is quite time consuming, but so worth it. In addition, I’m currently working on my own productions, which hopefully will be ready to come into the world soon.


Interviewed by Alexandra Zakharenko.